Chelidoperca cerasina, Cherry perchlet

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Chelidoperca cerasina Ogino, Lee, Chen & Matsunuma, 2019

Cherry perchlet
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Image of Chelidoperca cerasina (Cherry perchlet)
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drawing shows typical species in Serranidae.

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Teleostei (teleosts) > Perciformes/Serranoidei (Groupers) > Serranidae (Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets)
Etymology: Chelidoperca: Greek, chelidon, -onos = swift, as black as a swift + Greek, perke = perch (Ref. 45335);  cerasina: Name from 'cerasina' meaning 'cherry', referring to the entirely pinkish body in relatively small fresh specimens and the characteristic reddish spots on the pectoral- and caudal-fn bases..

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Marine; bathydemersal; depth range 245 - 338 m (Ref. 123211). Tropical

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