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Family: Serranidae Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bullisichthys caribbaeus Pugnose bass Western Central Atlantic 6 SL 1971
Centropristis fuscula Twospot sea bass Western Atlantic 15 TL 1861
Centropristis ocyurus Bank sea bass Western Atlantic 30 TL 1887
Centropristis philadelphica Rock sea bass Western Atlantic 30 TL 1758
Centropristis rufus Western Central Atlantic 1829
Centropristis striata Black seabass Western Atlantic 66 TL 1758
Chelidoperca africana African perchlet Eastern Central Atlantic 14 TL 1960
Chelidoperca barazeri Barazer's perchlet Western Central Pacific 3.3 SL 2019
Chelidoperca cerasina Cherry perchlet Southwest Pacific 14.8 SL 2019
Chelidoperca flavimacula Yellow-spotted perchlet Eastern Indian Ocean 7.1 SL 2021
Chelidoperca flavolineata Yellow-banded perchlet Eastern Indian Ocean 11.6 SL 2020
Chelidoperca formosa Taiwanese perchlet Western Pacific 6.6 SL 2021
Chelidoperca hirundinacea Red blotch perchlet Western Pacific 16.2 SL 1831
Chelidoperca investigatoris Investigator perchlet Indian Ocean 18.1 TL 1890
Chelidoperca lecromi Coral Sea perchlet Western Pacific 13 SL 1982
Chelidoperca leucostigmata White-spotted perchlet Western Pacific 8.6 SL 2019
Chelidoperca maculicauda Indian perchlet Indian Ocean 12.9 2013
Chelidoperca margaritifera Pearly perchlet Western Pacific 5.1 SL 1913
Chelidoperca microdon Small-toothed perchlet West Central Pacific 9.4 SL 2019
Chelidoperca myathantuni Mya Than Tun’s perchlet Eastern Indian Ocean 13.0 SL 2021
Chelidoperca occipitalis Arabian perchlet Western Indian Ocean 12.2 SL 1973
Chelidoperca pleurospilus Arafura perchlet Western Pacific 13 SL 1880
Chelidoperca santosi Pogi perchlet Western Pacific 8.4 SL 2015
Chelidoperca stella Star-spotted perchlet Indo-West Pacific 7.2 SL 2016
Chelidoperca tosaensis Red-spot perchlet Western Pacific 8.3 SL 2017
Cratinus agassizii Graery threadfin seabass Eastern Pacific 60 TL 1878
Diplectrum bivittatum Dwarf sand perch Western Atlantic 25 TL 1828
Diplectrum conceptione Sand-perch Eastern Pacific. Needs a 25 TL 1828
Diplectrum eumelum Orange-spotted sand perch Eastern Central Pacific 31 TL 1974
Diplectrum euryplectrum Bighead sand perch Eastern Pacific 20 TL 1890
Diplectrum formosum Sand perch Western Atlantic 30 TL 1766
Diplectrum labarum Highfin sand perch Eastern Central Pacific 26 TL 1974
Diplectrum macropoma Mexican sand perch Eastern Pacific 23 TL 1864
Diplectrum maximum Torpedo sand perch Eastern Pacific 37 TL 1946
Diplectrum pacificum Inshore sand perch Eastern Pacific 34 TL 1925
Diplectrum radiale Pond perch Western Atlantic 26 TL 1824
Diplectrum rostrum Bridled sand perch Eastern Pacific 21 TL 1974
Diplectrum sciurus Gulf squirrelfish Eastern Central Pacific 17 TL 1892
Dules auriga Cochero Southwest Atlantic 19.5 TL 1829
Hypoplectrus aberrans Yellowbelly hamlet Western Central Atlantic 13 TL 1868
Hypoplectrus atlahua Jarocho hamlet Western Central Atlantic 10.4 SL 2013
Hypoplectrus castroaguirrei Western Central Atlantic 9.3 SL 2012
Hypoplectrus chlorurus Yellowtail hamlet Western Central Atlantic 12.7 TL 1828
Hypoplectrus ecosur Spotted hamlet Western Atlantic 10 SL 2012
Hypoplectrus floridae Florida hamlet Western Atlantic 10 SL 2012
Hypoplectrus gemma Blue hamlet Western Central Atlantic 13 NG 1882
Hypoplectrus gummigutta Golden hamlet Western Central Atlantic 13.2 TL 1851
Hypoplectrus guttavarius Shy hamlet Western Central Atlantic 13 TL 1852
Hypoplectrus indigo Indigo hamlet Western Central Atlantic 14.3 TL 1851
Hypoplectrus liberte Striped hamlet Western Central Atlantic 8.8 SL 2018
Hypoplectrus maculiferus Caribbean 1871
Hypoplectrus maya Maya hamlet Caribbean Sea 8.7 SL 2011
Hypoplectrus nigricans Black hamlet Western Atlantic 15.2 TL 1852
Hypoplectrus providencianus Masked Hamlet Western Central Atlantic 1994
Hypoplectrus puella Barred hamlet Western Central Atlantic 15.2 TL 1828
Hypoplectrus randallorum Tan Hamlet Western Caribbean from th 8.1 SL 2011
Hypoplectrus unicolor Butter hamlet Western Central Atlantic 12.7 TL 1792
Paralabrax albomaculatus Camotillo Southeast Pacific 50.8 SL 1840
Paralabrax auroguttatus Goldspotted sand bass Eastern Central Pacific 71 TL 1936
Paralabrax callaensis Southern rock bass Southeast Pacific 35 SL 1906
Paralabrax clathratus Kelp bass Eastern Pacific 72 TL 1854
Paralabrax dewegeri Vieja Western Atlantic 43 TL 1919
Paralabrax humeralis Peruvian rock seabass East Pacific 54.5 TL 1828
Paralabrax loro Parrot sand bass Eastern Central Pacific 38 TL 1936
Paralabrax maculatofasciatus Spotted sand bass Eastern Central Pacific 60 TL 1868
Paralabrax nebulifer Barred sand bass Eastern Pacific 67 TL 1854
Parasphyraenops atrimanus Bank bass Western Central Atlantic 8.4 SL 1912
Parasphyraenops incisus Western Central Atlantic 5.5 SL 1978
Schultzea beta School bass Western Atlantic 10 TL 1940
Serraniculus pumilio Pygmy sea bass Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1952
Serranus accraensis Ghanean comber Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1931
Serranus aequidens Deepwater serrano Eastern Central Pacific. 20 TL 1890
Serranus aliceae Southwest Atlantic 6.7 SL 2013
Serranus annularis Orangeback bass Western Atlantic 9 TL 1880
Serranus atricauda Blacktail comber Eastern Atlantic 43.2 TL 1874
Serranus atrobranchus Blackear bass Western Atlantic 19 TL 1829
Serranus baldwini Lantern bass Western Atlantic 12 TL 1899
Serranus cabrilla Comber Eastern Atlantic 40 SL 1758
Serranus chionaraia Snow bass Western Atlantic 5 TL 1961
Serranus drewesi Eastern Atlantic 6.5 TL 2018
Serranus flaviventris Twinspot bass Western Atlantic 8 TL 1829
Serranus hepatus Brown comber Eastern Atlantic 25 TL 1758
Serranus heterurus Eastern Atlantic 1937
Serranus huascarii Flag serrano Eastern Central Pacific. 1900
Serranus inexpectatus Eastern Central Atlantic 9.2 TL 2018
Serranus luciopercanus Crosshatch bass Western Central Atlantic 12 SL 1852
Serranus maytagi Western Atlantic 1961
Serranus notospilus Saddle bass Western Atlantic 10 TL 1935
Serranus novemcinctus Barred rockcod Western Indian Ocean 32 TL 1864
Serranus phoebe Tattler Western Atlantic 20 TL 1851
Serranus psittacinus Barred serrano Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1846
Serranus pulcher Eastern Central Atlantic 7.8 SL 2016
Serranus sanctaehelenae St. Helena comber Eastern Central Atlantic 1895
Serranus scriba Painted comber Eastern Atlantic 36 SL 1758
Serranus socorroensis Socorro serrano Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1992
Serranus stilbostigma Southeast Pacific 1890
Serranus subligarius Belted sandfish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1870
Serranus tabacarius Tobaccofish Western Atlantic 22 TL 1829
Serranus tico Eastern Pacific, Isla del 8.5 SL 1998
Serranus tigrinus Harlequin bass Western Atlantic 29 FL 1790
Serranus tortugarum Chalk bass Western Atlantic 8 TL 1935

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