Growth parameters for Esox reichertii
Maximum Length 115cm TL
n = 3
Note that studies where Loo is very different (+/- 1/3) from Lmax are doubtful.
ø = 3.28
L inf = 106.3 cm FL
K = 0.2
Median record no. 2
75262Ref. 75262
Length Type K
Sex M
Temp° C Lm Ø' Country Locality Questionable Captive
77.4 TL 0.218 3.12 Russia Bolon Lake, Amur No No
106.3 FL 0.170 3.28 Russia Amur River basin No No
153.0 TL 0.089 3.32 China Tumen River, Sakhalin Island No No
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