List of Population Characteristics records for Chelidoperca hirundinacea
n = 21
Sex Wmax Lmax (cm) Length type Tmax (y) Country Locality
unsexed 14.1 SL Philippines 14°00?00?N, 120°10?48?E
unsexed 14.77 SL Japan East China Sea
unsexed 11.77 SL Japan Ehime Pref
unsexed 11.73 SL Indonesia fof south coast of Sumatra and Java
unsexed 8.67 SL Japan Japan Sea
unsexed 13.35 SL Japan Kochi Prefecture (Tosa Bay)
unsexed 14.85 SL Japan Kochi Prefecture (Tosa Bay)
unsexed 13.72 SL Japan Mie Pref., Kumano-nada Sea
unsexed 14.41 SL Japan Mikawa Bay, Aichi Pref.
unsexed 12.87 SL Japan Nagasaki Pref.
unsexed 12.05 SL Japan north of Tomoga-shima Island, Wakayama Pref.
unsexed 11.26 SL Japan northeast of Tsushima Islands, Nagasaki Pref.
unsexed 13.2 SL Japan off Arita, Wakayama Pref.
unsexed 14.5 SL Japan off Isshiki, Aichi Pref.
unsexed 9.93 SL Japan off Kammuri-jima Island, Wakasa Bay, Kyoto Pref
unsexed 16.16 SL Japan off Kimotsuki,
unsexed 11.41 SL Japan off Kyoga-misaki, Kyoto Pref
unsexed 7.69 SL Papua New Guinea off Lae
unsexed 13.95 SL Chinese Taipei Off Pingtung
unsexed 12.38 SL Japan Shimane Pref.
unsexed 13.52 SL Japan Suruga Bay, off Awa-shima Island, Numazu, Shizuoka Pref.
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