List of Population Characteristics records for Chelidoperca stella
n = 9
Sex Wmax Lmax (cm) Length type Tmax (y) Country Locality
unsexed 5.37 SL Andaman Is. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, Andaman Sea
unsexed 5.61 SL Myanmar Andaman Sea
unsexed 7.13 SL Global Gulf of Tonkin
unsexed 6.87 SL Viet Nam Nha Trang
unsexed 5.9 SL Philippines No locality
unsexed 4.2 SL Philippines Off Iloilo, Panay I. (from Miagao market)
unsexed 7.23 SL Chinese Taipei Off Kaohsiung
unsexed 6.18 SL Thailand off Phuket, Andaman Sea
unsexed 7.13 SL China Sanya Bay, south coast of Hainan I.,
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