What’s New in FishBase 2000

The main goal for FishBase 2000 was to cover all 25,000 species known to science.

Additional/new features of FishBase 2000 are:

  • over 70,000 names (valid, synonyms, misspellings, misidentifications) assigned to over 25,000 species;

  • over 100,000 common names in over 200 languages;

  • support for the parametrization of ecosystem models;

  • new trophic (Lindeman) pyramids for major ecosystems;

  • a new ‘Key Facts’ page with ‘best estimates with error margin’ for important management parameters;

  • a November 2000 update of Eschmeyer’s (1998) Catalog of Fishes;

  • an October 2000 update of IUCN’s threatened fishes;

  • over 25,000 pictures;

  • over 20,000 references;

  • new graphs and reports; and

  • more data for more species.

Rainer Froese