The Fish Quiz

FishBase is fun

We believe that learning about fish should be fun. Therefore, we have designed a simple Fish Quiz that will help sharpen your eyes in recognizing fish, at least at the order or family level.

Basically, the Fish Quiz asks whether you want to test your skills with our family pictograms, with adult fish pictures, or with fish larvae. It then creates a random list of such pictures, displays the first and offers three multiple choices for the class, order and family (and species in case you have selected that option). We have kept this game very simple and have refrained from adding any time pressure or a hall of fame.

Improvements that we have added recently allow you to select species by country and habitat, i.e., you will be able to train yourself in the recognition of the marine fishes of, e.g., Hawaii. Obviously, the game will improve whenever we get permission to include more photos.

Play the biodiversity quiz

At, we also present a biodiversity quiz that shows an underwater photo of a fish and lets the user determine its habitat type, size, food and reproduction by clicking on respective icons.

How to play games

On the CD-ROM, you get to the Fish Quiz by clicking the Fish Quiz button in the FishBase Main Menu. You can also use the stand-alone version of the Fish Quiz on the Pictures CD-ROM. On the web, you click on the FishQuiz link in the Search FishBase page.

Rainer Froese