You can create your own database

In the CD-ROM version, we have included several user databases as FishBase modules that are created on demand and can be maintained and updated by the user.

You can attach your own pictures

This is meant to turn FishBase from a passive information providing system into an active reporting tool for researchers, divers, anglers, aquarists, small museums, reserves, public aquaria, fisheries projects, etc. Users can enter, update and print all information that is relevant to the collection, national occurrence and local knowledge of fish. They can also attach their own digitized pictures (in JPG, GIF, PCX or BMP format). At the same time, all information that FishBase holds on these species¾ including maps and pictures¾ is only a mouse-click away. The user databases reside on the harddisk and can be saved to diskette for backup purposes; they will not be overwritten by updated versions of FishBase. You can also Repair them in case they get corrupted, and Compact them to physically erase deleted records and reduce the size of the C:\FishBase directory. We are looking forward to your comments to further improve these user modules. These databases are available in the FishBase Advanced module.


On the Internet version of FishBase, we offer a similar service specifically for Fish Watchers, where they can upload information and pictures.

Rainer Froese