The National Checklist Database

Create a national database

The National Checklist module allows users to create national fish databases for any country. Click on the Create Checklist button and select the country for which you want to create a national database. A routine will extract all fishes of that country from FishBase and enter them, together with relevant information, into the NATIONAL CHECKLIST table. This table resides in a separate user database (COUNTRY.MDB) and is meant to enable fisheries and biodiversity managers to maintain their own databases on habitats, abundance, uses, regulations, etc. for the fishes in their country. The fields are largely identical to those in the COUNTRIES table (this vol.), and again, complementary FishBase information is only a mouse-click away. You can backup, repair, and compact the National Checklist as described above for FishWatcher.


On the Internet version, several lists of fishes can be created in the ‘Information by Country/Island’ section. Note that these lists can be easily saved as htm file and be imported into spreadsheets, databases or wordprocessors.

Rainer Froese