Houde and Zastrow’s LARVDYN Table

Energetic properties of fish larvae differ among species

The LARVDYN table was developed by Edward D. Houde and Colleen E. Zastrow (1993) who kindly supplied it for distribution through FishBase. We quote from their publication (p. 290):

    "Growth rates, mortality rates, and energetic properties of teleost larvae differ among species and among ecosystems. In this synthesis, the ingestion rates required to support mean growth of larvae were estimated and energy budgets were developed. Weight-specific growth coefficients (G), instantaneous mortality rates (Z), larval stage durations (D), gross growth efficiencies (K1), and weight-specific oxygen uptake (QO2) were obtained from published sources and categorized by marine and freshwater species. Rates and properties were subcategorized by marine ecosystems and by taxonomic groups. The strong temperature dependencies of rates and properties for larvae were adjusted by analysis of covariance to allow mean values to be compared among ecosystems and taxa."

Fig. 48. Relationship between mortality and growth in larvae. Light dots: all data points in FishBase; black dot: record for herring larvae


The table covers about 100 species with information drawn from more than 200 references. This information is used to generate different types of graphs. Fig. 48 is one illustration. We intend to expand that coverage, as new information becomes available. Inputs and queries from FishBase users would be much appreciated.

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Houde, E.D. and C.E. Zastrow. 1993. Ecosystem- and taxon-specific dynamic energetics properties of fish larvae assemblages. Bull. Mar. Sci. 53(2):290-335.

Rainer Froese