Common Names

The Common Names menu includes three output routines that generate Screen, Printer and File outputs of information based on the COMMON NAMES table. These are:

A common name often refers to more than one species

Species by Common Name produces a list of the common name(s) found by the search term, the valid scientific name(s) which corresponds to the common name, the Family to which the species belongs, and the country where the common name is used (in brackets). For common names referring to a number of species, e.g., ‘shark’, ‘grouper’, ‘cod’, ‘surgeon fish’, etc., the list may consist of more than 100 names.

Common Names by Language produces a list of common names of fishes in the selected language and includes the country where the name is used and the valid scientific name of the species to which it applies.

Local Knowledge produces a list of common names used in a selected language and country. This list also includes the scientific name, and may include information on the etymology of the common name and other information on the species in question, relevant to the culture defined by the language and country selected.

Each list is followed by a bibliographic listing of all sources used to gather the information. Note that the list produced on screen is interactive and allows, upon double-clicking, access to the COMMON NAMES table and/or SPECIES window and thus all other buttons leading to more information on a given species.

How to get there

You get to the Common Names Menu by clicking on the Reports button of the Main Menu window and clicking on the Common Names button of the PREDEFINED REPORTS window.


On the Internet, a search by common name will produce a list with the fields common name, country and scientific name; this list can be ordered by different criteria.