All Species of a Family

The Reports by Family menu window has two checklist options:
  1. a Checklist of all species in a family so far entered in FishBase, which includes summary information on the family and lists for each species, the valid scientific name, the author of its original description, the FishBase common name, geographic range, maximum size so far recorded, depth range, habitat and migratory patterns and the main reference used to obtain this information;

  2. a Checklist with Summaries which expands option (1) to include information on distinctive characteristics, meristics, environment, habitat, biology, importance and the references used to obtain this information.

The checklists are provided with a bibliography and option (2) gives additionally, a list of all collaborators who worked on the species in a family. Option (1) can be produced on three output mediums (screen, printer and as a file). The screen output in option (1) provides links to other tables, i.e., a doubleclick on the scientific name will open the SPECIES window for valid names and the SYNONYMS window for synonyms. Option (2), however, can only be produced as a printed output.

How to get there

You get to this routine by clicking on the Reports button of the Main Menu window and clicking on the All Species of a Family button of the PREDEFINED REPORTS window.


On the Internet, you can create a list with scientific name, author, and English common name in the section ‘Information by Family’.