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Class: Teleostei
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Leuciscidae Minnows
Subfamily: Leuciscinae
Genus: Squalius

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Squalius adanaensis Adana chub Asia 18 SL 2013
Squalius agdamicus Asia 1901
Squalius alburnoides Europe 25 TL 1866
Squalius albus Europe 20 SL 1838
Squalius anatolicus Beysehir dace Asia 21.9 SL 1997
Squalius aphipsi Aphips chub Europe 16 SL 1927
Squalius aradensis Europe 13.1 SL 1998
Squalius aristotelis Tuzla chub Asia 15.7 TL 2011
Squalius berak Mesopotamian chub Asia 22.1 TL 1843
Squalius cappadocicus Cappadocian chub Asia 19.2 TL 2011
Squalius carinus Chocolate chub Asia 2011
Squalius carolitertii Bordallo Europe 25 TL 1988
Squalius castellanus Europe 2007
Squalius cephaloides Thick lipped chub Asia 1942
Squalius cephalus Chub Eurasia 60 SL 1758
Squalius cii European chub Europe and Asia 28.9 TL 1857
Squalius fellowesii Aegean chub Asia 21.5 TL 1868
Squalius ghigii Rhodes minnow Europe 9 SL 1927
Squalius illyricus Europe 30 SL 1858
Squalius janae Europe 19.1 SL 2010
Squalius keadicus Europe 25 TL 1971
Squalius kosswigi Asia 22 TL 1972
Squalius kottelati Striped chub Asia 32.5 TL 2009
Squalius laietanus Europe 20.1 SL 2007
Squalius lepidus Asia 23.7 SL 1843
Squalius lucumonis Europe 16 SL 1983
Squalius malacitanus Europe 7.6 SL 2006
Squalius microlepis Europe 34 SL 1843
Squalius moreoticus Stymphalia chub Europe 21 SL 1971
Squalius orientalis Asia 19.8 SL 1847
Squalius orpheus Orpheus dace Eurasia 28.1 TL 2006
Squalius pamvoticus Pamvotis chub Europe 30 SL 1939
Squalius peloponensis Peloponnese chub Europe 30 SL 1844
Squalius platyceps Europe 47.2 TL 2010
Squalius prespensis Europe 25 SL 1977
Squalius pursakensis Sakarya chub Asia 23 SL 1925
Squalius pyrenaicus Europe 26 SL 1868
Squalius recurvirostris Akşehir chub Asia 2011
Squalius seyhanensis Seyhan dace Asia 45.3 TL 2013
Squalius spurius Orontes dace Asia 1843
Squalius squaliusculus Syr-Darya dace Asia 13 TL 1872
Squalius squalus Europe 60 SL 1837
Squalius svallize Europe 27.7 TL 1858
Squalius tenellus Europe 40 SL 1843
Squalius torgalensis Europe 11.8 SL 1998
Squalius turcicus Transcaucasian chub Asia 37.3 TL 1865
Squalius ulanus Asia 4.5 TL 1899
Squalius valentinus Europe 17.5 FL 2006
Squalius vardarensis Europe 16 SL 1928
Squalius zrmanjae Europe 28 SL 1928

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