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Class: Teleostei
Order: Perciformes/Scorpaenoidei
Family: Scorpaenidae Scorpionfishes or rockfishes
Subfamily: Scorpaeninae
Genus: Scorpaenodes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Scorpaenodes africanus Eastern Central Atlantic 90 TL 1933
Scorpaenodes albaiensis Longfingered scorpionfish Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1907
Scorpaenodes arenai Messina rockfish Northeast Atlantic 11 TL 1962
Scorpaenodes barrybrowni Stellate scorpionfish Caribbean 4.7 SL 2016
Scorpaenodes bathycolus Western Pacific 6.3 SL 2012
Scorpaenodes caribbaeus Reef scorpionfish Western Atlantic 12 TL 1928
Scorpaenodes corallinus Indo-Pacific 10.5 TL 1957
Scorpaenodes elongatus African spotted scorpionfish Eastern Atlantic 15 TL 1950
Scorpaenodes englerti Englert's scorpionfish Southeast Pacific 9 NG 1971
Scorpaenodes evides Cheekspot scorpionfish Indo-Pacific. 10.5 TL 1914
Scorpaenodes guamensis Guam scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1824
Scorpaenodes hirsutus Hairy scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 5.6 SL 1957
Scorpaenodes immaculatus Western Indian Ocean 8.9 SL 1990
Scorpaenodes insularis Eastern Atlantic 10 SL 1971
Scorpaenodes investigatoris Western Indian Ocean 7.3 SL 1972
Scorpaenodes kelloggi Kellogg's scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 5 TL 1903
Scorpaenodes minor Minor scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 5.2 TL 1958
Scorpaenodes muciparus Indo-West Pacific. 8.7 SL 1889
Scorpaenodes parvipinnis Lowfin scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1864
Scorpaenodes quadrispinosus Fourspine scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 10.0 SL 2002
Scorpaenodes rubrivinctus Eastern Pacific 10.1 SL 2010
Scorpaenodes scaber Pygmy scorpionfish Indo-Pacific. 12 TL 1886
Scorpaenodes smithi Little scorpionfish Indo-West Pacific. 7.7 TL 1972
Scorpaenodes steenei Steene's scorpionfish Eastern Indian Ocean 1977
Scorpaenodes steinitzi Western Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 1970
Scorpaenodes tredecimspinosus Deepreef scorpionfish Western Atlantic 6.5 TL 1919
Scorpaenodes tribulosus Western Indian Ocean 5.1 SL 1969
Scorpaenodes varipinnis Blotchfin scorpionfish Indo-Pacific 13 TL 1957
Scorpaenodes xyris Rainbow scorpionfish Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1882

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