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Class: Teleostei
Order: Ophidiiformes
Family: Ophidiidae Cusk-eels
Subfamily: Ophidiinae
Genus: Lepophidium

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Lepophidium aporrhox Dusky cusk eel Western Central Atlantic 18.9 SL 1961
Lepophidium brevibarbe Shortbeard cusk-eel Western Atlantic 28.8 SL 1829
Lepophidium collettei Brazilian cusk-eel Western Atlantic 16.4 SL 2012
Lepophidium crossotum Whitespot cusk-eel Western Atlantic 16.8 SL 2012
Lepophidium cultratum Blackear cusk-eel Western Atlantic 30.8 SL 2012
Lepophidium entomelan Blackthroat cusk-eel Western Atlantic 25.6 SL 2012
Lepophidium gilmorei Pepperfin cusk-eel Western Atlantic 17.2 SL 2012
Lepophidium hubbsi Panamic cusk-eel Pacific Coast of northern 21.7 SL 1978
Lepophidium inca Incan cusk-eel Southeast Pacific 19.6 SL 1978
Lepophidium jeannae Mottled cusk-eel Western Atlantic 29.6 SL 1941
Lepophidium kallion Palenose cusk-eel Western Central Atlantic 16.6 SL 1959
Lepophidium marmoratum Marbled cusk-eel Western Central Atlantic 22.2 SL 1885
Lepophidium microlepis Silver cusk eel Eastern Pacific 41.5 TL 1890
Lepophidium negropinna Specklefin cusk eel Eastern Pacific 52.7 SL 1949
Lepophidium pardale Leopard cusk eel Eastern Pacific 24.8 SL 1890
Lepophidium pheromystax Blackedge cusk-eel Western Atlantic 27 SL 1960
Lepophidium profundorum Blackrim cusk-eel Western Atlantic 28 TL 1863
Lepophidium prorates Prowspine cusk eel Eastern Pacific 29.5 SL 1890
Lepophidium robustum Robust cusk-eel Western Atlantic 23 SL 2012
Lepophidium staurophor Barred cusk-eel Western Atlantic 27.3 SL 1959
Lepophidium stigmatistium Mexican cusk-eel Eastern Pacific 24.6 SL 1890
Lepophidium wileyi Fringed cusk-eel Western Atlanic Ocean 20.9 SL 2012
Lepophidium zophochir Sooty cusk-eel Western Atlantic 24.3 SL 2012

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