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Class: Teleostei
Order: Cyprinodontiformes
Family: Poeciliidae Poeciliids
Subfamily: Poeciliinae
Genus: Gambusia

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Gambusia affinis Mosquitofish North and Central America 7 TL 1853
Gambusia alvarezi Yellowfin gambusia North America 4 TL 1957
Gambusia amistadensis Amistad gambusia North America 3.5 SL 1973
Gambusia atrora Blackfin gambusia Central America 4 1963
Gambusia aurata Golden gambusia Central America 4 1970
Gambusia baracoana Baracoa gambusia Central America 3.5 1944
Gambusia beebei Miragoane gambusia Central America 5.9 SL 1935
Gambusia bucheri Moa gambusia Central America 1944
Gambusia clarkhubbsi San Felipe gambusia North America 5.8 SL 2003
Gambusia dominicensis Dominican gambusia Central America 6 1913
Gambusia echeagarayi Maya gambusia Central America 3.5 1952
Gambusia eurystoma Widemouth gambusia Central America 3.5 TL 1975
Gambusia gaigei Big Bend gambusia North America 5.4 TL 1929
Gambusia geiseri Largespring gambusia North America 4.4 TL 1957
Gambusia georgei San Marcos gambusia North America 4 SL 1969
Gambusia heterochir Clear Creek gambusia North America 5.4 TL 1957
Gambusia hispaniolae Hispaniolan gambusia Central America 5.2 SL 1971
Gambusia holbrooki Eastern mosquitofish Introduced worldwide in t 8 TL 1859
Gambusia hurtadoi Crescent gambusia North America 3.5 TL 1957
Gambusia krumholzi Spotfin gambusia Central America 6 1963
Gambusia lemaitrei Lemaitre's mosquitofish South America 4 1950
Gambusia longispinis Cuatrocienegas gambusia North America 5 TL 1962
Gambusia luma Sleek mosquitofish Central America 4.2 SL 1963
Gambusia manni Bahamas mosquitofish Central America 6.5 TL 1927
Gambusia marshi Robust gambusia North America 2.4 SL 1962
Gambusia melapleura Striped gambusia Central America 5.9 SL 1851
Gambusia monticola Yao mosquitofish Central America 1971
Gambusia myersi Myers mosquitofish North America 1925
Gambusia nicaraguensis Nicaraguan mosquitofish Central America 4.1 SL 1866
Gambusia nobilis Pecos gambusia North America 4.8 TL 1853
Gambusia panuco Panuco gambusia Central America 5.5 1926
Gambusia pseudopunctata Tiburon Peninsula gambusia Central America 5.5 SL 1969
Gambusia punctata Cuban gambusia Central America 7 SL 1854
Gambusia puncticulata Caribbean gambusia Central America 5.5 SL 1854
Gambusia quadruncus Four hooked mosquitofish Central America 2.8 SL 2012
Gambusia regani Forlon gambusia Central America 4.5 1926
Gambusia rhizophorae Mangrove gambusia North America 5 TL 1969
Gambusia senilis Blotched gambusia North America 5.5 TL 1859
Gambusia sexradiata Teardrop mosquito North America 3.5 SL 1936
Gambusia speciosa Tex-Mex gambusia North America 5 TL 1859
Gambusia vittata Gulf gambusia Central America 6 1926
Gambusia wrayi Wray's gambusia Central America 5.6 SL 1913
Gambusia xanthosoma Cayman gambusia Central America 3.6 SL 1983
Gambusia yucatana Yucatan gambusia Central America 8 TL 1914
Gambusia zarskei Chihuahua mosquitofish North America 2.9 SL 2010

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