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Family: Hemiramphidae Halfbeaks

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Arrhamphus krefftii Snubhose garfish Southwest Pacific 28 1867
Arrhamphus sclerolepis Northern snubnose garfish Eastern Indian Ocean to W 36 SL 1866
Chriodorus atherinoides Hardhead halfbeak Western Atlantic 26 TL 1882
Euleptorhamphus velox Flying halfbeak Eastern Atlantic 61 TL 1868
Euleptorhamphus viridis Ribbon halfbeak Indo-Pacific 53 TL 1823
Hemiramphus archipelagicus Jumping halfbeak Indo-Pacific 34 TL 1978
Hemiramphus balao Balao halfbeak Western Atlantic 40 TL 1821
Hemiramphus bermudensis Bermuda halfbeak Western Central Atlantic 44 TL 1962
Hemiramphus brasiliensis Ballyhoo halfbeak Western Atlantic 55 TL 1758
Hemiramphus convexus Halfbeak Indo-West Pacific 23 TL 1922
Hemiramphus depauperatus Tropical half-beak fish Pacific Ocean 34.6 SL 1839
Hemiramphus far Black-barred halfbeak Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1775
Hemiramphus lutkei Lutke's halfbeak Pacific Ocean 40 SL 1847
Hemiramphus marginatus Yellowtip halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 26 SL 1775
Hemiramphus robustus Three-by-two garfish Western Pacific 31.5 SL 1866
Hemiramphus saltator Longfin halfbeak Eastern Pacific 48 TL 1904
Hyporhamphus acutus Pacific halfbeak Pacific Ocean 30 TL 1872
Hyporhamphus affinis Tropical halfbeak Indo-Pacific 38 SL 1866
Hyporhamphus australis Eastern sea garfish Southwest Pacific 39.8 SL 1866
Hyporhamphus balinensis Balinese garfish Indo-Pacific 16.5 SL 1858
Hyporhamphus brederi South America 10 SL 1948
Hyporhamphus capensis Cape halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 16 TL 1886
Hyporhamphus collettei Western Atlantic 16.8 SL 2010
Hyporhamphus dussumieri Dussumier's halfbeak Indo-Pacific 38 SL 1847
Hyporhamphus erythrorinchus Western Indian Ocean 1821
Hyporhamphus gamberur Red Sea halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 37 TL 1837
Hyporhamphus gernaerti Northwest Pacific 16.1 SL 1847
Hyporhamphus gilli Choelo halfbeak Eastern Pacific 17 SL 1923
Hyporhamphus ihi Southwest Pacific 26 SL 1932
Hyporhamphus improvisus Shortfin halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 18 TL 1933
Hyporhamphus intermedius Asian pencil halfbeak Northwest Pacific 20.3 TL 1842
Hyporhamphus limbatus Congaturi halfbeak Indo-West Pacific 35 TL 1847
Hyporhamphus meeki American halfbeak Western Atlantic 20.9 SL 1993
Hyporhamphus melanochir Southern garfish Eastern Indian Ocean 52 SL 1847
Hyporhamphus melanopterus Western Pacific 17 SL 1978
Hyporhamphus mexicanus Mexican halfbeak Central America 17.3 SL 1959
Hyporhamphus naos Pacific silverstripe halfbeak Eastern Pacific 29 SL 2001
Hyporhamphus neglectissimus Black-tipped garfish Indo-West Pacific 14.4 SL 1980
Hyporhamphus neglectus Western Central Pacific 16.5 SL 1866
Hyporhamphus pacificus Acute halfbeak Eastern Central Pacific 15.4 SL 1900
Hyporhamphus paucirastris Western Central Pacific 17.2 SL 1978
Hyporhamphus picarti African halfbeak Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1847
Hyporhamphus quoyi Quoy's garfish Indo-West Pacific 31.2 SL 1847
Hyporhamphus regularis River garfish Oceania 37 TL 1866
Hyporhamphus roberti Slender halfbeak Western Central Atlantic 32 TL 1847
Hyporhamphus rosae California halfbeak Eastern Pacific 15 TL 1880
Hyporhamphus sajori Japanese halfbeak Northwest Pacific 40 TL 1846
Hyporhamphus sindensis Sind halfbeak Western Indian Ocean. 25 TL 1905
Hyporhamphus snyderi Skipper halfbeak Eastern Pacific 15 SL 1923
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis Asia 15.1 SL 1986
Hyporhamphus unicuspis Simpletooth halfbeak Indian Ocean 31.5 TL 1978
Hyporhamphus unifasciatus Common halfbeak Western Atlantic 30 TL 1841
Hyporhamphus xanthopterus Red-tipped halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 29.6 TL 1847
Hyporhamphus yuri Northwest Pacific 25 SL 1978
Melapedalion breve Philippine snubnose halfbeak Western Central Pacific 22.7 SL 1910
Oxyporhamphus micropterus Bigwing halfbeak Indo-Pacific 18.5 SL 1847
Oxyporhamphus similis False halfbeak Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1935
Rhynchorhamphus arabicus Arabian flyingfish Western Indian Ocean 20 TL 1972
Rhynchorhamphus georgii Long billed half beak Indo-West Pacific 31 1847
Rhynchorhamphus malabaricus Malabar halfbeak Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1976
Rhynchorhamphus naga Western Central Pacific 17.7 SL 1976

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