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No fish is an island

Ecopath with EcoSim is an approach and a Windows software for construction and analysis of mass-balance models and feeding interactions or nutrient flow in ecosystems. Ecopath was developed at ICLARM, the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management, Manila, Philippines. ICLARM is an international research organization, member of the CGIAR, and devoted to improving the productivity and management of aquatic resources for the benefit of users and consumers in developing countries. The development of the Ecopath approach has only been possible through continuous support from the Danish International Development Assistance, Danida. The Ecopath activity is ongoing.

The software is designed to help you construct a (simple or complex) model of the trophic flows in an ecosystem, to analyze the systems, to study interaction in the system, and it represents a move toward sustainable management of ecosystems. Aquatic ecosystems are emphasized because the approach presented initially was applied to marine and freshwater ecosystems, but it has also be applied to a number of terrestrial ecosystems, such as farming systems, see published Ecopath models. See also the list of selected publications of relevance for Ecopath.

Ecopath is available free of charge to all -- you can download the newest released version of Ecopath from the home page of the Fisheries Centre, University of British columbia, go download Ecopath from this web. If not, please contact us for mailing. The target users are scientists and students working in the field of ecosystem modeling and management.. We encourage users to register (free of charge), and to inform us of publications and models developed using the Ecopath approach.We provide free support to registered users to the best of our ability.

Send mail to v.christensen@cgnet.com with questions or comments.